Effective date: 2018-01-01. Last updated: 2021-02-20.


The Polymetrika platform allows you to create data collection instruments, collect data using online or offline interactions with respondents, perform psychometric analysis data, explore data using machine earning and statistical algorithms, and produce automated reports summarising the behaviour or characteristics of individuals or aggregate groups.Your license to access this functionality is granted directly by Polymetrika International Inc. (Polymetrika) or its assignees, or indirectly through an individual or organization to whom Polymetrika has directly granted a license. The provision of this service may be governed by and subject to contractual agreements between you or the organization under whose authority you are granted access to this platform and Polymetrika International Inc. or its assignees (Polymetrika) . Other than commitments or provisions defined by such agreements, this service is provided without any warranty or assurance of functionality, and Polymetrika assumes no liability for any consequences arising from the use of this platform.

Intellectual Property

Polymetrika assumes that information and data that you store on this platform are your intellectual property (IP) or IP for which you have acquired the relevant usage permissions or copyright. You are wholly reponsible for ensuring that you have the required rights to use this IP. Likewise, the designs, implementations, and source code that are used to provide the functionality of the Polymetrika platform may be governed by licenses that limit their reproduction. Such licenses are protected by international law. Your use of this functionality does not grant you the right to use or reverse engineer these designs, implementations or source code for use in third party applications.

Personal information

The required information about users of this platform is limited to usernames and passwords. Usernames must be a valid email address. Passwords should be unique to this platform and not used for other third-party applications or websites.

Licensed Users

This application is intended to facilitate survey or assessment data collection by licensed users. Licensed users are created by the owner of the license that has been granted by Polymetrika and may have different permissions or access to content. Licensed users create content, which may contain personal information, at their discretion. All user-created content may be visible to other users who access the platform under the same license. The owner of the license is reponsible for ensuring that users who operate under their license have appropriate permissions.

End Users

Licensed users may authorize end users, acting as data collection monitors or respondents, to use the application and enter data. End user access is governed by licensed users. The owner of the license is responsible for ensuring that end user access to personal or confidential information that is granted by their licensed users complies with legal requirements.

How we collect information

Tracking technologies

This application does not use or share any user external tracking cookies. Security tokens and cookies are used to maintain the security of the platform. Information in HTTP requests, such as IP address and browser information, collect information about how and from where you access the platform.

Surveys and Assessments

You may produce survey or assessment content on this platform for future delivery. These data may contain personally identifiable information and are considered personal, confidential and protected.

Data Collection

The survey and assessment instruments you create under the permissions granted by your license may be used to collect data from other individuals. This platform allows you to store these data and grants you access to these data for analysis, reporting and downloading.

How we use your information

We do not use your information for any purpose unrelated to the intended purpose associated with your use of this platform: to collect response data, analyze data, and produce reports summarizing these data. Our use of these data is restricted to maintenance operations and quality assurance checks that are required to maintain and verify the proper operation of this application. Your username is used to inform other users about authorship and contributions to content.

When we share your information

We do not share your information with any third parties (not accessing the platform under the same license as you) without your explicit request and consent. For clarity, under no circumstance would your confidential data be shared with any third party unless you request it or we are compelled by law.
If we are required by a legal discovery process or subpoena to share information which has been entrusted to our care, we will provide access only to the minimum information legally required to comply.

Storage and Transport

Your information is stored in Microsoft's cloud-based Azure Storage and Data services. All data are encrypted at rest and require explicit permissions defined through the user authentication process to access. All data are encrypted in transport through TLS/SSL protocols.

Where your information lives

The location of the servers housing your data depend on specific deployments. Please refer to Microsoft's data residency documentation. Note that internet protocols may route data residing in one jurisdiction through international servers; if you have concerns about this behaviour, you may wish to access this platform through a VPN.

How long we keep your information

We retain your data for the duration and in support of your license. If your license should lapse, we will retain your data for a 28 day period after the lapse to facilitate resurrection of your license. After this period or at your request, whichever is sooner, your data will be permanently deleted. Depending on which permissions you have as a licensed user, you may manually delete assessment content or response data through the user interface. We are not responsible for creating backups for or recovering data that you have inadvertently deleted.

Further information

Changes to this policy

This policy may be modified at any time due to changes in legal context or operational requirements. Notifications of changes are made on the splash page of this application. You are responsible for reviewing this policy to ensure that the terms are consistent with your operating context.

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